About Us


Our company is established by young and dynamic scientists from the origin of Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Hyderabad India. We got industrial exposure to process development from the companies like Dr. Reddy’s laboratories and Laxa-Avanthis life sciences etc. We are experts in process development of chiral synthesis as well as chiral resolutions. We are very good in hetero cyclic process development. We have sound knowledge on cost reducing process development. We can handle products from milli gram scale to multi tons level. We do have good experience in process development of CRAMS and APIs. We have 1000sft working area for R&D and all glass setup (50.0 Lit, 100.0 Lit and 200.0 Lit.) for scale up. Good working environment and great ventilated facility for R&D/scale up located at IDA Mallapur, Hyderabad, Telangana India.